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About Colleen


Colleen Whelan has built a long-time career helping people make informed decisions about their real estate. Whether it is a condominium downtown or in the burbs, a house in town or an acreage, Colleen has been helping people since 1985. Clients appreciate her knowledge and experience with a caring, down to earth approach which is focused on their successful end result.

Colleen is resourceful and works in residential real estate sales throughout the City of Calgary and surrounding communities. In addition, she has been an executive member of two community associations and a condo board over a number of years, has worked on community arts committees, industry charities, and is requested to engage in various industry-related focus groups regularly.

Colleen enjoys time with her family and grandchildren, spending time with cherished friends, downhill skiing as a Ski Friend volunteer at Lake Louise Ski Resort, cycling for The Ride to Conquer Cancer, hiking in the mountains, and many creative outlets like singing, painting, sewing, or gardening when she can find the time.

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